Friday, 12 August 2016

Post One and lots to learn

Post One - Saturday the 13th of August 2016

Hello world and welcome to Post One of my weekly blog of Skerat's Synthtronica. Well where do I begin? Perhaps that's a good question. This blog thing will start off shaky and will certainly expose me as a bit of an amateur, but for now I begin with my fingers crossed and dive straight in.

First of all who I am? Well that is a bit of mystery for many and for the first blog lets clear that up a little bit. To many here I'm Skerat and in the real world people know me as Andrew Kennedy. I'm a born and breed, Australian living in the city of Melbourne and as a kid I have travelled to Europe and the States, including a year living in London at the height of the Punk scene. The Skerat name is a handle I have long gone by, since the very early days of the internet. I also come from the generation influenced by the 80's New Wave, Synth Pop and Post Punk scenes, so they massively influence my DNA. I  may be fast approaching the big five O, but I know many of you think my enthusiasm and personality to be that of someone much younger. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter, know there is an amazing new and exciting, synth-pop, new wave and post punk 80's influenced scene that has been planting some strong roots in the past ten plus years. Those years are now starting to pay dividends and the scene is starting to seriously pop up everywhere. For many like minded people, like myself, we know it's definitely a good time to push this scene once more into the forefront of the music world. The small part I have been playing in this, is to have a presence in social media and to enthusiastically promote these acts, which also includes my monthly Podcast Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts and previously my internet radio show Synthopia. Both of which can be found here:-

Skerat's past shows and Podcasts

Now Of course for those of you who already follow my Podcast, you will know that show 8 went up two weeks ago and what a massive show it was. Show 8 is three hours of Synthtronica magic and here is that massive playlist, with links to all of those brilliant acts:-

Jeff Appleton - The Red Path
Jeff Appleton – Melt
Jeff Appleton - The Runner (Rusty Egan REOE Mix) 2016 Mixed in The Bunker London
Feasibility Study - Moonshot
Feasibility Study - Ancient Astronaut
(IAM) Warface - Say My Name
 (IAM) Warface - Atomic White Gold
I Saw You Yesterday - Stay In
Devil Monkey - Galaxy Class (feat 12 Sandwiches)
Tenek - What Kind Of Friend - Republica Balkan Boogie Mix
The Alpha Video – Enemy
The Alpha Video - Suddenly There's A Way
The Alpha Video - Perfect
Eden - Don't wanna lose you (Radio Edit)
Color Theory - Too Close (an eloquent remix)
Haberdashery – Everywhere
Haberdashery - Don't Break My Heart
Haberdashery - Tonight The Angels
Andy Pickford - Cathedral Live
Almost David - Listen to Him
Modovar - King Of Pain
Modovar - The Lies We Tell Ourselves For Love
Father Tiger - First Love
Daybehavior - City Lights
Darianna - Never Stop?
Silver Factory Superstars - Memory & Kiss
Nerd Revolt - Breaking Free
!Distain - Designed In Paradise (Atmospheric Mix)
Trans-X - LOV 2012 (The Definitive Version)
Milan - Let Us Go
Milan - Miracle (Take my heart)
Milan - HA! (Heartache appalling)
Graingerboy - Saturnine (Radio Mix)
Charlotte Someone – Closure
Charlotte Someone - Eyes Like Volcanoes In The Night (Extended Mix)
Charlotte Someone - Jupiter, Venus And Mars - Stardust Mix
Destination - Vinyl (Mark Trueman (Sinestar) Drop the needle mix) Mastered
This Human Condition - Telepathic Heights (Clubmix)
UltraNeon – Shining
Rare Facture - Nothing Matters (Nature of Wires Club Mix)
Rare Facture - Perception (Marsheaux Mix)

Rare Facture - Where You Reside (Ryan Farish Mix)

Well that's it for week one, this is Skerat over and out ;)

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