Saturday, 3 September 2016

Following me and sending me music

Hello world

This week I thought I would continue in a similar vein to last week, but more specifically for my show and pages

Something that is very important to me, is that if you do decide to follow me on twitter or Facebook, can you please hit me up with a quick hello. As I mentioned last week a lot of pages lack some details of who people are and to be honest the odd one can look a bit dubious. Therefore for my own safety, I will not follow that person back if I’m a little bit concerned about their page. That’s why your pages must be very clear about who you are, or what you do. I get a lot of really great people following me and equally a lot of their pages make it very clear who they are and what they do. However just like anywhere else on the net there are still the odd bad egg who is trying to trick me into opening their pages.

Now on the flip side an issue that I have had for a long time, is giving bands a very consistent place to contact me. This week I intend to address that here. From now on specifically these three places are the ways that I prefer you to get in contact with me. They are via my new shows email address skerat@zoho.mail or Facebook (Andrew Skerat Kennedy) and Twitter (Skerat). Note my new email address is my preferred mode of contact, for if you specifically want to send me music. Also if you have used my other email addresses in the past please now use skerat@zoho.mail

This week I also thought I would add another feature to my weekly blog. Those of you who follow me on Facebook and Twitter know I post Skerat’s daily track of the day. The idea of the track of the day is to post tracks that I generally like and in turn which I hope you will like as well. The rotation is basically classic tracks from the past, one day and then a new track that I would typically play on my show, the next day. While you will know quite a number of these classic tracks, I can also guarantee you I will also throw in some real curve balls.

Skerat's track of the day for the week of the 27th of August to the 2nd of September

27th of August       Gorillaz - Dare
28th of August       Näd Mika - On the Phone
29th of August       Models - I Hear Motion
30th of August       ooTi Skulf - Twenty Five Years
31st of August       INXS - Guns in the Sky
2nd of September  Trans-X - Message On The Radio

Now to finish up this week I'm going to post last weekends playlist for the monthly show, which can be found here Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts Show 9

X_ray - golden future
Analogue Electronic Whatever - Buzzers and Bells
The Livelong June - Thats Why I Love Weekends
The Livelong June - You Put Me In Robot Mode
Damsel in the Dollhouse - War Boy
Damsel in the Dollhouse - Room 237
Damsel in the Dollhouse – Lolita
Perpacity - Corina
Perpacity – 9725
Perpacity – Arise
Haberdashery - Nouveau (People Theatre's Circle Mix)
Haberdashery - Back To Home (Matthias Remix)
Haberdashery - Close To You (markymix)
Season 3 – Pleiades
Keldari Station - Lucky (David Burdick Remix)
Altocirrus - The Swarm
Color Theory – If not Now When
Father Tiger – Till The Morning
Daybehavior – Come To bed With me
Eloquent – Colourful Rumor
Eloquent – Bloom
Vision Talk - Dina Tanker (Extended mix)
Halo Effect - Hammer the Gear – Celtic Tribes remix
Halo Effect - Life Goes On (People Theatre’s Motion Mix)
Alpha Point - Alive Tremor Infestation Mix by the maaaigs
Alpha Point - Things I Do (Pride & Glory Mix by personal Space)
Among the Echoes - Feels Like Heaven (Fiction Factory Cover)
Magnetfisch - Petit-peur
Magnetfisch - Mortal wombat
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun - Concrete Love Song
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun - EnTeR Me
Brutalist Architecture in the Sun - Towers (feat Cye Thomas)
Blinky Blinky Computerband – world
Blinky Blinky Computerband - Up close (vocals by darrin campbell huss)
Blinky Blinky Computerband - Strange life (vocals by henning reuter)
Voi Vang - Cards
Devoix - Let the Rain Fall
Charlotte Someone - In A Fragile Way
!distain - Nights In White Satin
!distain - Boring Monday
!distain - Space09
Magic Mountain – Velvet
Magic Mountain – Innocence
Magic Mountain – Sublight

Okay so that's it for another week. Catch you all here again next Saturday and this is Skerat over and out

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