Friday, 28 October 2016

Are you a twitter egg or a friend to all?

Hello world and welcome to week twelve of my weekly blog. Okay as you all can see the title of this week's blog is are you a twitter egg or a friend to all? Pretty cryptic hey, perhaps yes but believe me this is a very important question, that I think you should all be aware of.

Lets kick off with those eggs, those of you who use Twitter will be aware when you first sign up to twitter that they give you an iconic avatar of an egg. Why an egg? Well you're about to begin your journey of hatching a twitter bird. Now the important thing to do for everyone's sake, is to get straight into hatching that egg. I say this because an egg that hangs around with out any character or identity, very quickly becomes more and more suspicious as the days go by. Believe me there are 100's, if not 1000's of eggs continually popping up and following you for purely dubious reasons. My tip is don't follow a new egg back for at least a week if they follow you, unless you know without a doubt who it is. Give that new egg some time to hopefully create an avatar and to add some identifying information to their profile. Check if your friends are following them, but don't assume that because some of your friends are following them that it's definitely okay to also follow them. That part I'm going to cover in the next paragraph. Okay now for those of you who have been a little tardy and you have not changed your egg since you joined twitter, now's a good time to hatch :)

Now let's deal with the second part of my question are you a friend to all? I think from reading my blogs over the past twelve weeks, you can tell that I emphasize the importance of being aware of who follows you on social media. With twitter that is no less important and I often take quite some time to follow some followers back, if at all. While it's incredibly flattering to have a lot of people following you it's also makes for a very slow vetting process, but it has to be done and done well. Over the past couple of weeks I have began a very vigorous vetting process and I was honestly absolutely shocked to see how many of you have been following back some very dubious followers. Please, please, please, don't automatically follow people back, you're not only putting yourself at risk, but you're also putting your followers at some degree of risk as well. after all you're making your follow list totally viewable to that person. Until over a week ago I had over 3300 followers that number has already dropped by nearly a whopping 200 followers, as I cull followers that I have genuine concerns about and I'm not finished. I certain that I will drop below 3000 followers by the time I'm finished, so that's hundreds of accounts that could quite easily cause me and my real followers some trouble and I would much rather avoid that, wouldn't you?????

Okay my zoho inbox has been a little lite on email news this week, but I can tell you that Steven Jones & Logan Sky, have just let me know their busy filming a new video this weekend and equally the Tenek guys are about to release a new video and are hard at work on a new EP, so keep an eye out for both from the two bands.

Also as always to all the bands and labels out there make sure you send me news for any upcoming shows and/or music releases each week. Keep in mind the blog is posted every Saturday, so if you could send me the details by Wednesday each week that will be a great help. As with any music or news you send me, please use my email address of Also again to every band, artist and followers alike, please send me your sound files for the show, saying who you are and where you are from and that you're listening to Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts.

Now to finish up this week here is the latest list of my Skerat's tracks of the day for the past week, which covers the period of the 22nd of October to the 28th of October:-

22nd of October  A Flock Of Seagulls - Heartbeat Like a Drum
23rd of October  Machinista - Molecules And Carbon
24th of October  Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties
25th of October  Vision Talk - Dina Tankar
26th of October  Wall Of Voodoo - Far Side Of Crazy
27th of October  Not Lars - Ill Say It With Synthpop Then
28th of October  Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Metroland

You can find all of these brilliant tracks and many more on my ever growing Skerat's Eclectic Playlist, a perfect blend of great classic tracks, in combination with totally new tracks from my shows.

and remember this months show of Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts can be found here and while you're there, maybe even check out some of the older Synthopia shows :) Well that's it for this week, thank you all for your continued and excellent support and until next weekend this is Skerat over and out.

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  2. Thanks for the advice !, is really hard to keep track of all the followers, if not impossible, but I always take time to see the profile briefly, to see if they have a relationship with our music or whether it is just spam (lot of eggs around!)

    1. Am I right to assume Rob or is it Lucia? Yes I agree it's a huge challenge to keep up. Beware the eggs :)

    2. Hi Skerat!! LucĂ­a here!! I always read and enjoy your blog! Hugs :)

    3. Hola Lucia, that's fantastic, I'm very happy to hear that and hugs back :)

  3. Footnote all, I meant to say if you think people on Twitter are dubious use the block function. Or if you don't want to see their info on your main feed, opt for the mute option.