Friday, 18 November 2016

Seriously what are you waiting for?

Hello world and welcome to week 14 of my weekly blog. Boy is this blogging thing a challenge to write something relevant every week. Hopefully those of you who are reading this weekly, are finding what I write interesting enough. Now what am I going to talk about this week? That's right are you a band or artist who followed me on twitter, Facebook or somewhere else and your waiting for me to play your music? Yes, seriously what are you waiting for?

Please don't wait for me to contact you for airplay. If you follow me anywhere on social media, be mindful I have way too many things to catch up with to keep everything going. This means there is no way I can go through every single follower in any great detail and certainly not quickly. Of course I try my best to get through as much as possible, so you might just be lucky enough and I do contact you. However you are much better off not to expect it. This would no doubt be the case for most of the DJ's on the internet, so push your tunes forward. For me as I say every week send them to Sure this does not guarantee airplay, but it significantly increases your chances and I do play the vast majority of what I receive. Just make sure it suits the show, don't waste yours or my time with something that I will definitely not play. If your not sure listen to my show, generally the rule is anything after the year 2000 that is in the format of New wave, Post Punk and Synth-pop. Essentially something that leans to those sounds of the late 70's to the mid 80's.

Okay the good news this week is I have been sent some news via my inbox at

Pink Dolphin Records have launched a kickstarter project to get the excellent band Daughter Vision to get their remix album funded to be launched on limited vinyl, cassette or CD.

The other great news sent to my inbox this week by Cheri Freund who is Tenek's hard working PR manager, is that Tenek are releasing a new double EP called Imitation of Life and this is the press release.

Pre-Orders available as CD format at from Monday 14th of November. (*Monday 28th November 2016 – the four track digital release available from ALL popular online stores.)

The EP comes bundled with two growing fan favourites: “Imitation of Life” EP (inspired from
their recent album, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’) and ‘What Kind of Friend?’ EP (previously only sold in
digital format), so why not put all on one CD!
‘Imitation of Life’ – brings us a bigger sounding remastered track, along with two brilliant remixes: an 80’s analog remix (Nik Hodges) and a darker rock edge remix (Ghostlights / aka Sam Morrison). And then to add something completely different and unexpected to this release – an exceptional piano
rendition of “A New Foundation” (Matt Jessup).
‘What Kind of Friend?’ - comes with two outstanding alternate versions: a hard hitting powerhouse
mix with an almost thematic feel from the well known UK composer/producer/mixer (Andy Gray / aka Grayedout), and a second with a most unexpected darker sound for the band (remixed by Martin Swan / Vile Electrodes). An added bonus is the inclusion of a re-mastered track, “Sombre Friday” that originally debuted on tenek’s first album (Stateless).
See tenek’s NEW music video, ‘Imitation of Life’ on the Tenek Official YouTube and Vimeo channels.]

Future performances TBA for 2017.

Track List:
 1. Imitation of Life (Tenek)
 2. Imitation of Life – Pre-Midi Remix (Nik Hodges)
 3. Imitation of Life – Pale Imitation Remix (Ghostlights)
 4. A New Foundation – Piano Version (Matt Jessup)
 5 What Kind of Friend? – Radio Edit (Tenek)
 6. What Kind of Friend? – Gayedout Remix (Andy Gray)
 7. What Kind of Friend? – Miami Odyssey Synthporn Remix (Martin Swan)
 8. Sombre Friday – Alternate Mix (Geoff Pinckney)

 For information, please contact:
Cheri Freund – Or visit

Now to finish up this week here is the latest list of my Skerat's tracks of the day for the past week, which covers the period of the 12th of November to the 18th of November:-

12/11/16 Cloak - Mr Loneliness
13/11/16 The Stranglers - Strange Little Girl
14/11/16 Blott - Things Will Never Be The Same
15/11/16 Daft Punk - Robot Rock
16/11/16 Illustrial - Break the Angel
17/11/16 Eisenfunk - Pong
18/11/16 Martin Krog - One Man Army

You can find all of these brilliant tracks and many more on my ever growing Skerat's Ultimate and Totally Eclectic Playlist, a perfect blend of great classic tracks, in combination with totally new tracks from my shows. It's almost at 48 hours of tunes, so that makes for a great shuffle playlist.

and remember this months show of Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts can be found here and while you're there, maybe even check out some of the older Synthopia shows :) Well that's it for this week, thank you all for your continued and excellent support and until next weekend this is Skerat over and out.

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