Friday, 16 December 2016

Are you totally on autoplay?

Hello world and welcome to week 17 of my weekly blog. This week I want to talk about bands and artists that have auto responses and updates on twitter, mailing lists etc. Don’t get me wrong this is a very good and important thing for you all to do. Also if you are not doing it, perhaps you should look into it. However please don't just set and totally forget, these forms of communication. Obviously for your fans it guarantees they get some constant interaction and news, but is it only the fans getting those responses? What about those DJ's that you want to get to listen to your tunes and give you airplay. They are potentially getting those auto responses as well. Do you think they will go through every single one of them and discover you have a new track or album to play? Not even that generous free give away track, you might post to attract interest. No doubt most dj's like myself have hundreds of bands and artists on their roster, so there is no way we can check through everyones post to see what they are doing. This means you need to make sure you are occasionally looking at who is following you and if it's someone who can promote your music get pro-active and get in touch with them. Don't leave it to chance.


From auto posts, lets now move on to what's coming up in the scene this week:-

Jazzykat releases her brand new CD 'Deeper Echoes' via WEATNU Records this week and you can get the album here


Emma barson has kindly let me know about another gig in the UK via Facebook events, so if your in the UK check out the Synthetic Christmas Four gig

Saturday 17th December 2016 at The Actress & Bishop in Birmingham ... 7pm til late....
and the bands playing in no particular order are...
Neil Francis
Johnny Normal
The Glass Memorial
Promenade Cinema
DJ- Rob Harvey from Phoenix FM's Synth City til 2am

The full details can be found here


and on the 24th the Blinky Blinky Computerband label has a Christmas surprise for you and I know Olaf is always very generous so this is well worth checking out

Go here to make sure you don't miss out.


Also please remember if your bands or artists and you have news, like singles or album releases, concerts etc, let me know via my email address of If it fits in with the blog, I will publish it.

Now to finish up for another week check out the latest list of my Skerat's tracks of the day for the past week, which covers the period of the 10th of December to the 16th of December:-

10/12/16 Ultravox - Lament
11/12/16 Martyn Bailey - Red Sky Supernova
12/12/16 Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World
13/12/16 Touching The Void - Obsession
14/12/16 Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Dont Come Around Here No More
15/12/16 The Dossier - Give Me Your Name
16/12/16 The Clash - Ghetto Defendant

You can find all of these brilliant tracks and many more on my ever growing Skerat's Ultimate and Totally Eclectic Playlist, a perfect blend of great classic tracks, in combination with totally new tracks from my shows. It's at over 49 hours of tunes, so that makes for a great shuffle playlist.

and remember this months show of Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts can be found here and while you're there, maybe even check out some of the older Synthopia shows :) Well that's it for this week, thank you all for your continued and excellent support and until next weekend this is Skerat over and out.

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