Friday, 9 December 2016

Groups and Pages

Hello world and welcome to week 17 of my weekly blog. This week let's talk about groups to pages, or to be more precise my Facebook group Synthopia & Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts, moving to my Facebook page Skerat's Synthtronica Podcasts. I began this transition about two weeks ago and if your are a member of the Synthopia & Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts group, you should have got an invite to join the Skerat's Synthtronica Podcasts Page. Why am I changing you ask? Hopefully for a better experience by using the page format, which most importantly will make it a lot easier for you all to share a lot of the great posts with the wider community. The group page which will still be active until the end of the year, unfortunately has limited functionality. I often had many of you telling me it was often difficult to share posts from the page, as it was too restrictive. As the whole idea of the group was to get all that brilliant music heard, it was time to make that work more effectively. This meant changing to a page format for easier sharing and also to make it easier to join the community. Okay have you joined the page yet? No!!! Well what are you waiting for get over to here and get posting and sharing :)

Okay once your finished your joining or posting and sharing you might want to check out what's happening in the scene this week:-

The guys from the Some Bizzare record label have sent me some details of Steven Jones & Logan Sky recent appearance at the annual Depeche Mode fan club convention in Tallinn, Estonia last week. The audience were treated to an hour long set filled with stunning projections by the guys plus a new track and DM covers. Click here for video highlights or here for the full length "Damned Don't Cry"

The label tell me the audience were, blown away by the guys and they have been invited back to next year's epic 25th anniversary!

Photos: Timo Tani

Another great bit of gig news that Emma Barson has let me know about, for all of those of you in the UK and is coming up this Saturday is the Eclectic Electric IV gig. Following are the details, it's sounds like a great gig if you can make it:-

Hope and Anchor, 207 Upper Street, N1 1RL London, United Kingdom

Due to the Interest from bands and fans we are pleased to announce a further event. Come and join us to enjoy a last sensilbe(ish) night before the Yule/Xmas/Solstice and other midwinter festivals set in

Promenade Cinema


Sudden Creation

Voi Vang


and the ever busy DJ Rob Harvey

Now to finish up this week here is the latest list of my Skerat's tracks of the day for the past week, which covers the period of the 3rd of December to the 11th of December:-

03/12/16 Emmon - Smalltown Boy
04/12/16 Devo - Freedom Of Choice
05/12/16 Eloquent - Bloom
06/12/16 Gary Numan - I Am Dust
07/12/16 Cloud and Owl - Antithesis
08/12/16 Darude - Sandstorm
09/12/16 Tycho Brahé - Seventeen

You can find all of these brilliant tracks and many more on my ever growing Skerat's Ultimate and Totally Eclectic Playlist, a perfect blend of great classic tracks, in combination with totally new tracks from my shows. It's at over 49 hours of tunes, so that makes for a great shuffle playlist.

and remember this months show of Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts can be found here and while you're there, maybe even check out some of the older Synthopia shows :) Well that's it for this week, thank you all for your continued and excellent support and until next weekend this is Skerat over and out.

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