Saturday, 31 December 2016

I'm late, I'm late

Hello world and welcome to week 19 of my blog, hang on am I running a bit late with this one. Well here in Oz as I type it's nearly 8:30 am on the 1/1/17, so Happy New Year everyone :) Still for most of you it's 2016 for a number of hours yet, so am I really late? Yes I know that's cheating, but for those hours you have left I become a bona fide timelord. Well I'm in the future right?

Okay that's enough of me trying to wiggle out of my slowness with my blog. What am I really going to talk about this week? That's right, I'm frustrated. I have flagged this before, but if your going to have a twitter account make it something that is going to work for you. More importantly what does your profile tell me and any other prospective followers about you? Is your profile picture appealing? Or would someone go 'I don't know if I could trust or like that person' Sure there is the old saying don't judge a book by it's cover. However that's very much for the old world, this is the internet and trust and liking are big factors. This equally goes for your profile description, does it tell me who your are and what you do? Does it make me want to follow you? Are the links working, I'm going to say that one again ARE THE LINKS WORKING? I stumble upon a lot of broken links, sometimes it's because people might move their material to new web-pages etc., but sometimes it's simply because someone, didn't do the basic rule of setting up a link on their profile. In other words checking that the link actually works. I have seen plenty of cases of one url attached to another, because the appropriate break was not put in to separate them. Okay so as you make your New Years resolutions, perhaps make one to make sure your twitter account is very inviting. Make us trust and like you, so that we can happily and confidently get to know what you have to offer ;)

Okay what's happening in the scene this week? Well again I'm sure there is plenty, but I have not been sent anything. You are all still busy with the festive season, no doubt. Who can blame you, that's why I'm a bit late with this weeks blog. Hopefullyas things get back to normal, I will be able to bring you some news next week. Again this is a big hint for anyone of you who are bands or artists. If you have news, like singles or album releases, concerts etc, let me know via my email address of If it fits in with the blog, I will publish it.


Now to finish up for another week, its time to check out the latest list of my Skerat's tracks of the day for the past week, which covers the period of the 17th of December to the 23rd of December:-

24/12/16 RUN-DMC - Its Tricky
25/12/16 Simulakrum Lab - The Day the Vocoder Stood Still feat. Kenneth Johnson
26/12/16 Berlin - Masquerade
27/12/16 And One - Military Fashion Show - Club Hit
28/12/16 Mi-Sex - Blue Day
29/12/16 Save Switzerland - Love Game - Original Mix
30/12/16 Player 1 - Space Invaders

You can find all of these brilliant tracks and many more on my ever growing Skerat's Ultimate and Totally Eclectic Playlist, a perfect blend of great classic tracks, in combination with totally new tracks from my shows. It's at over 53 hours of tunes, so that makes for a great shuffle playlist.

and remember this months show of Skerat's Eclectic Podcasts can be found here and please make sure you check it out. Support for me and the acts is what helps to keeps us all going. Also while you're there, maybe even check out some of the older Synthopia shows :) Well that's it for this week, thank you all for your continued and excellent support and until next weekend this is Skerat over and out.

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Happy New Year everyone and thank you so much for all your amazing support in 2016 and I look forward to a massive musical year in 2017

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