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Is There Anyone Out There?

Hello world and welcome to the July edition, of my monthly blog.

Many of you will know that on the last weekend of each month, my show Skerat's Synthtronica of Australia goes to air on Radio Warwickshire. Last weekend was show four and as always the show featured a very fresh and exciting list of Australian synthtronic music. Did I say fresh and exciting? Yes absolutely there is some very excellent talent down here that should be heard. However after saying all this, I have to admit I feel a little frustrated. Why is this?

Well it now appears that because it's an 'Australian only' show that it's getting a bit less love. Sure the show may go to air when you are perhaps busy, but even so the podcast is still available soon after the show. Of course the independent synthtronica shows for the UK, Europe and the States give and equally get great support for all the international acts and please believe me I think that, that is awesome. Some of those acts will be Aussie too, but believe me it will be a very small percentage. Which of course was what my old shows covered as well, but with a little extra Aussie flavor than the norm and the support by the various acts and listeners was truly fantastic and I greatly appreciated it. However I think with a lot of my past listeners and especially the acts that I have played in the past it is important to understand, that I was approached to do an Australian only show. While I genuinely stopped Skerat's Eclectic Podcast because I was extremely time poor, I still felt compelled to do an Aussie show when I was approached to do it. As our corner of the globe for the local independent Synthtronic scene, does not get quite the same exposure, as their synthtronic friends elsewhere. Yes a few do get played elsewhere, but it is still a very small ratio. Therefore I say to all of you who have supported me in the past, please understand I have not deserted you. In fact you will be all be aware that my Facebook, twitter and blog pages still support you all, just my show is giving my fellow Aussies a go. Have you deserted me?

Foot note to this, some of these Aussie bands have collaborated with overseas acts, or even moved to other countries and become part of acts there. This means that as I play these acts as well, there is still an element of connection to music outside of Oz. This also means that some of you other acts or independent labels outside of Oz may want to work with some of the acts as well, so another very valid reason to check it out ;)

Okay now that I have got that off my chest and perhaps triggered a lively chain of responses, let's show you all what was played last weekend on show 4 of Skerat's Synthtronica of Australia.

JJ.Christie - 7th Heaven (Desolation mix)
JJ.Christie - The Night (Resolution mix)
The Black Hundred - Matriarch Fallen
The Black Hundred - Death of the Physical - Rise of the Spiritual
The Black Hundred - Orwell (Walter Fini 2017 Remix)
In This Mode & Vague Notion - Here Comes The Cold - (Australian and Canadian collaboration)
In This Mode - transendence
In This Mode - Here I Stand
3D - I Wanna Riot
3D - I Confess
3D - City@Night
Actroid – Enron
Projekt Camus - Extra Dimensional Being
Projekt Camus - Stage I - Ignition
Alien Skin - I'm Your Machine
Alien Skin - Prisoner of the Tower
Alien Skin (ft. Steve Kilbey) - Summer Of Love (ft. Steve Kilbey)
Space March - Big Joe
Space March – Conspiracy
Space March - Teacher's Crying
Lunar Module - Berlin Wall
Lunar Module - Put Out the Fire
Lunar Module - The Neuromantic
Neuropa - Deutschevision (Extended Mix)
Neuropa - Midnight Sun (Citizen Clone Remix
Neuropa - One Foot in the Grave

and remember for those from the Synthtronica scene in Australia and that includes ex-pats and overseas bands that includes Aussies, remember that this is also a great opportunity for you to get on the show. If your sound fits in the genres of synth-pop, new wave, or post punk and lends itself to a bit of an 80's sound get in touch. I have also widened the rage of what years those songs come from. Previously the range was from 2000 to now, but lets get the world to hear some of the excellent tunes that we have from the past. I have noticed bands are now putting up their material form the 80's and 90's on various portals on the net, so to those bands make sure you get in touch with me to. You can do that by emailing me at , please have your tracks to me for consideration by the 2nd weekend of every month. Make sure though before you do that, perhaps have a listen to the latest show to get a sense of the style and genres of the show.


Okay now that I have given you a run down of the last show, lets move onto what's coming up for the scene in a global sense for the next month:-

Saturday July 1st

UnMute: A Tribute to Mute Records

1 July at 23:00 to 2 July at 23:00 UTC+01

On 1st July we are celebrating the launch of UnMute: A Tribute to Artists on Mute Records. The release is free to download and contains 48 covers split into 2 volumes. All songs are performed by unsigned artists covering Depeche Mode, Erasure, Yazoo, Fad Gadget and many more.

I'd guess everyone reading this knows at least one song from the Mute back catalogue, and chances are that song is covered on UnMute!

Tell your friends! Invite them to this event. Let's make this massive. And remember, the compilation is FREE TO DOWNLOAD.

Please note, this is NOT a physical event, merely an online event to celebrate the release


Promenade Cinema have just a double single and it is now available on Bandcamp

The two tracks are - Spotlight - & - The Quiet Silently Wait - I have attached a copy of each to this email via WeTransfer: 


Saturday July 8th 2017

Silicon Dreams Festival 2017

8 July at 18:00 to 9 July at 1:00 UTC+01

Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, Hope Street, L1 9 Liverpool


and remember if you want to plug any upcoming gigs, album and single releases let me know via Come on get onto this, a great free avenue of promotion :)


As always I finish up the month, with the latest list of my Skerat's tracks of the day for the past month and this time an extra week, which covers the period of the 4th of June to the 3rd of June:-

5/6/17 Torul - All 
19/6/17 Whoops missed by the busy Skerat
20/6/17 OMD - Enola Gay 
26/6/17 Dekad - So Sorry 
27/6/17 Whoops missed by the busy Skerat

You can find all of these brilliant tracks and many more on my ever growing Skerat's Ultimate and Totally Eclectic Playlist, a perfect blend of great classic tracks, in combination with totally new tracks from my shows. It's at over 53 hours of tunes, so that makes for a great shuffle playlist.

Now lets move onto my random link of the month. It will not necessarily be music related, but you just might like to check them out each month. This months site belongs to a wonderful friend to me and in turn many of us from our Synthtronica scene, especially the guys of Tenek. That person is Cheri Freund and the site is her excellent digital fine arts page. Take a browse from the amazing art that can be purchased for use within your decor, for interior design and many other avenues.


and before I go please remember to check out show 4 of Skerat's Synthtronica of Australia. Also while you're there, maybe even check out some of my older shows and on the last weekend of June catch show 4 of Skerat's Synthtronica of Australia on Radio Warwickshire. The show will be on Saturday the 29th at these times. London 10:00 PM, Vancouver 2:00 PM, New York 5:00 PM and Melbourne Sunday the 30th at 7:00 AM. Well that's it for this month, thank you all for your continued and excellent support and until the first Sunday of next month this is Skerat over and out.


Please join my social media pages:-

and please give a thought to following my blog and also please give me, feedback, feedback, feedback ;) and share the Skerat everywhere, remember it helps me to support you :) 

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